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two function Signal shielding bag

two function Signal shielding bag two function Signal shielding bag two function Signal shielding bag
Product name:two function Signal shielding bag

Mobile phone rest bag is the application of advanced nanotechnology and nanomaterials from refined, as long as the mobile phone or PHS bag, nano barrier layerspecial will automatically block waves, so that you enter the DND service under the condition of no shutdown; along with the diversification of modern life, some owners,managers and professionals engaged in commerce, public relations work personalleisure time is less and less, under special circumstances, if the shutdown, will bemisunderstood intentionally avoid, even cause the boss, colleagues, friends, lover,wife, business partners and suspicion, with mobile phone rest bag, while others use any communication tools to make your mobile phone or PHS, will receive "the subscriber you dialed can not be connected for the moment, please redial later." tips,any leisure time you can under the condition of no shutdown command you outside of work, because there is no reason from without shutdown and bring unnecessarytrouble, will bring the beat all convenience to your life and work.
Working principle.
Mobile phone rest bag using nano materials of the multiple components of mobile phone and PHS electromagnetic signal wave interference, the electromagnetic waveshielding effect of ablation and to signal truncation, mobile phone and PHS make it in a state of "hibernation".
Technical parameters:
Signal attenuation strength: 90dB
Efficiency: 99.9%
1 anti electronic information disclosure
2, anti degaussing:
All kinds of memory card with a storage medium, and other electronic products into the information security bag, can protect the data information, to eliminate static electricity, reduce the interference magnetic field on the storage content, to prevent data loss. If the bank card in the information security bag, can prevent the mobile phone signal to the bank card degaussing degaussing, avoid the trouble.
3, anti electromagnetic radiation:
The mobile phone into the bag, the opening position can prevent the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone, to protect the health of the health care function.
Matters needing attention:
Mobile phone rest bag not excessive washing, so as not to damage the nano coating,affect the use effect.
The use of reject a call functions, mobile phone rest bag must be sealed tightly,otherwise it will affect the use effect.
Mobile phone rest bag has the following characteristics:
1 special double design, pre bag to reduce radiation, post bag completely shieldedsignal.
2, rapid response, reliable function, the mobile phone into the bag for 30 seconds to play the role of shielding electromagnetic signal.
3, the use of a wide range, applicable to a variety of GSM, CDMA, PHS, mobile phone use.
4, simple operation, easy to use, as long as the mobile phone antenna down into the bag taut mouth can be used.
5, the green environmental protection, on the human body, have no mast on themobile phone, when not in use, as long as the mobile phone function recovery after 30 seconds out from the bag.
6, such as pregnant women, children, patients (mobile phone bag) can be isolated from the electromagnetic wave radiation to the body.
Suitable crowd mobile phone rest bag
The 1, want to reject calls people.
Figure 2, no reason to shutdown and want the freedom to spend their leisure time.
Figure 3, meetings, business meetings and other important occasions do not want to be other phone interference.
4, professional or technical secret contact and keep people.
5 people by hackers, mobile phone threats.
6, the boss, engineers, salespeople, civil servants, the middle class and the urbanwhite-collar workers.
7, pregnant women, children, heart patients to prevent electromagnetic radiation? LaiNa Song Jun?
Applicable places a mobile phone bag
1, private rest, leisure venues, resorts, tourist attractions and other.
2, Cara OK hall, dance halls, nightclubs, bars, bath center, high-grade restaurants,cinemas and other entertainment places.
3, business negotiation, bidding venue.
4, the secret meeting, an important meeting place.
5, the political, economic, science and technology secret place.
6, information communication hub, storehouse, war room, information department,confidential room....
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