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Q: How to use the anti radiation stickers?
Stick anywhere you like and make it useful while beautiful. Of course, try best to stick where nearby the mobile phone anntena. (antenna position is most on the top left or top right of Mobile Phone, where the patch can reduce the radiation rate more than 96 percent) , some antenna maybe on the bottom or middle, please inquiry your mobile phone provider. 

If select our double function stickers AntiRadition and Battery Saver, please stick the glue side of the stick on the battery close to the positive plate of the battery (to avoid the electrode) as shown on the graphic. You can stick on the battery or on the case facing to battery. (it is better directly on the battery, the bigger area of sticker, the better function) 

For laptops, TV, microwave oven etc., we suggest to use every pcs per conner to mix radiation


Q. Will the Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick affect the signal strength of my mobile?

A. No! The Mobile Phone Anti Radiation sticker will not affect the signal strength of the mobile phone in any way.

Q. I have been a heavy user of mobile phones for years and I feel fine, why should I feel concerned?

A. It has been reported in scientific papers and accepted by Doctors world wide that continuous exposure to EMF emitted from mobiles adversely affect health and may significantly increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, even though you may feel fine, it is no guarantee that you are safe.

Q. What is the life time of the Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick?

A. It is designed to last for the life time of your mobile phone.

Q. Is the Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick meant for only mobiles or can it be used on other electronic gadgets?

A. Although used extensively for mobile phones, it can also be used on other electronic gadgets that radiate EMF like Laptops, Computers and Cordless Phones.

Q. How do you prove the effectiveness of the Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick?

A. It is very simple. Stick the patch to your mobile phone and you will start to feel the difference. Your mobile will stop emitting the heat that you were experiencing previously from your mobile.

A: Do you offer OEM and ODM sevice for anti radiation chips(sticker)?
Yes we offer OEM and ODM service for the anti radiation stickers

 Vedio for test the radiation by the radiation tester