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Anti radiation Glass

Anti radiation Glass
Product name:Anti radiation Glass
Hot sale fashion modle Anti radiation Glasses!
After more than half years research and development the Anti radiation Glasses come into the market in the end. 
The lens of the Anti radiation Glass is the coating glasses with serveal noble metal
and nano film. Can shiled the electromagnetic radiation and filter the harmful ray for the eye. It relay take us a green Internet environment!

When you work at a computer for any length of time it is common to experience computer vision syndrome and eye fatigue due to the visual demands on our eyes unlike those associated with any other activity.   

These glasses for people who may not normally require vision correction have had corrective surgery or wear contact lenses and clip on for spectacle wears that help to reduce the most common courses of CVS and help to maintain your sight.

1.Anti electromagnetic radiation from the computer.
2. Anti UV
3.Reduces computer glare
4. Prevents Computer Vision Syndrome 
5. Use high-grade optical resin lens 
6. Eyeglass:high-tech SPS muti coating inside and outside
7. Excellent optical performance, and achieve UV400 standards
8. Frame:using macromolecule polyester molding materials, welding solid, durable, lightweight fashionable appearance. unisex.

   12 Pcs/ box 
   300 pcs/ Carton

Welcome to contact with us for cooperation for the anti radiation Glass and other anti radiation products such anti radiation stickers and so on. OEM and ODM both avilable for Anti radiation glass and anti radiation sticker.