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Anti Radiation Sticker

Anti Radiation Sticker
Product name:Anti Radiation Sticker

Real Gold Anti-radiation  stickers for mobile phones
real gold anti raiation stickers
Composed from the finest materails in Nano-Technology, the Anti-Radi device is a "must" for all mobile phone users. This device can be used on computer and television screen and mocrowaves as they too emit electro-magnetic frequenceies.(EMFs).
Directions of use
Simply peel Anti-Randi device and paste on the back of the mobile phone.
Fore televistion and computer screens and mocrowaves, paste on the side of the screen.

Harmful effects of cell phonesignal to human boday When cell phones are being used, they send out EMF to transfermitter.
And some of the EMF are absorbed by human boda. Usually, when the cell phone is standby, the EMF is lower. And when it's being called, the EMF is higher. The EMF is maximum, when the cell phonejust dialed out a number.
And it can be 23 times amount.
The EMF can change the human organism, especially harmfu to our brain....
Products That use electricity emit EMF's (electronimagenetic frequenceies)
EMF's are linked to health hazards such as stress, fatigue, and brain tumors.
Two minutes on a cellphone affects a child's bio-fields for more than an hour afterwards.
Brain cancer has increased by 25% since 1973, every year there are 185,000 more cases in the U.S.cell phones.
Swedish brain surgeon, LifeSalford proved that it only takes 2 minuters of being exposed to cell phone radiation to cause cell death.

Abosrd and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materails and reduce mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain of 99 perecent.

1. Directions for use: Take off the Anti-radiation stickers  tape pn the back pf the patch.
paste the adbesive side of patch on the back of the mobile phone near the antenna(antenna position is on the top left or top right of M.P., where the patch can reduce the radication rate more than 99 percent.)

Pasting illustration:
1cutting the patch along the edges carefully and take it down.
2.tear the back adhesive paper out of the patch.
3 Affix the patch to the back of the phone or the phone battery with the pretevive film.
4. To press the patch repeatedly to make it smooth.
5.Take off the protective film and clear the gum streaks with clean cloth.

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