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How to protect from radiation Computer radiation you should know

Author:Computer radiation Date:2012-6-7 15:09:15
            Traditional Glass Computer radiation shield                                New Generation PC guard Computer radiation Shield
tradiationa computer radiation shield     pc guard computer radiation shield
How to protect from radiation or how to protect against radiation from computer?
Generally, people think that computer radiation emit from the display, so use the glass radiation shield can proct you from 
the computer radiation. In fact it is not like that. The radiation not only emit by the display but also the computer case,the keyboard even the mouse all produce electromagnetic radiation, and the radiation is quite high.
 According to the international MPR radiation protection regulations, in 50 CM distance must not higher than 25 V/M of radiation exposure levels. But the level of our daily used computer is far more than this level. The main computer is 170 V/M, display screen is 218 V/M, mouse is 450 V/M, keyboard for 1000 V/M, lightweight note book computer is reach to 2500 V/M.
So use the traditional glass radiation shield can only shield the radiation of display. And do not work with the Host computer 
the keyboard and the mouse.
Bust if choose the new Generation Computer radiation shield, it can offer you an all-around protection. Which can shield all 
the radiation from the host computer, the keyboard and the mouse.

The flowing is the test before use PC guard and after use PC guard.
computer radiation test
The new Generation PC guard Computer radiation Shield also can absorb all the radiation from the note book computer.
Here is the test result after use the PC guard.
PC guard computer radiation shield