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Anti-radiation Cell Phone Accessories will Help You a Lot in Health

Author: Date:2011-7-8 15:38:10

Along with the development of technology, when we are shouting that the radiation of cell phone is too strong, the anti-radiation cell phone widgets are born at the right moment. The mobile phone anti-radiation Accessories  include the The widgets can protect us from the radiation of cell phone effectively.

We all have no any doubt about the hurting of radiation to people, and the reality is that we often use cell phones in daily life, but we can’t get rid of their hurt, sometimes a lot of people can just stand the radiation, or pretend to be indifferent. But the radiation is always around us, and you also should know how harmful the radiation is, and then you will know that the Cell Phone accessories are so important to you.

Mobile phone anti radiation accessories
After you are affected by low-intensity repeatedly, the function of your central nerves system will be changed, and you will emerge nervous breakdown, whose appearances are headache, dizzying, the degeneration of memory, the obstacle of sleeping, sweating a lot, palpitation, choking sensation in chest, and hair loss and so on; after receiving certainty amount of radiation, the amount of body’s white cells, which can swallow bacteria, will reduce. Besides, if some people receive the effect of radiation for a very long time, and then the anti-substances’ production will be obviously limited; the permeability and stretching force of your blood vessels will go down, if you are affected by radiation, and you will also have the symptom of heart-beating too slow or too fast, the blood pressure is easy to fluctuate. Besides, the hidden troubles of heart and blood vessels system are also easier to develop; the radiation may also evoke the unstable of white cells, make them reduce, and the generation of red cells is limited, the net red cells reduce; the radiation will also improve the mutation of genes, and the unusual of chromosomes’ division, and then some organs will emerge the sickness growing-up, this will make normal cells become cancer cells.

These hurts are not just arresting your attentions, they are the real things. And if you decorate some Mobile accessories, or just one on your cells, the accessory can absorb most of radiation, which is emitted by your cell phones; this will reduce the hurt of cell phone to you. Maybe some one will say that they have used their cell phones for several years, and they are still healthy. You should know that the radiation diseases have the hidden time, and the time is very long. So, decorating some little cell phone widgets, and you will be healthy all the time.