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Anti Radiation fuction will add on the new I phone

Author:Anti Radiation Date:2012-5-29 20:23:05

The new I phone - I phone 5 picture have been exposured.
The United States patent and trademark office recently released many apple's patents, today we introduced a future iPhone in the use of radiation absorber on the patent. According to the patent document, the equipment add on the new I phone can absorbed radiation. radiation absorber can stop from the launcher stray radiation. In addition to the development of the patent engineer introduction, to add radiation absorber equipment may change the iPhone design, specific as follows:
new iPhone art work I phone 5 art work
As above, mobile devices and touch screen the user interface is in the equipment of the above shell. The touch screen between the device microphone and the receiver between. As a kind of options, device screen may add entity keyboard design, and the early stage of cellular equipment the same. Another solution is to move equipment 10 shell has a movable parts, such as sliding the front panel or folding structure. Whether apple will in future equipment using this new patent we cannot be sure, believe that there will be a lot of friend can't adapt to the iPhone keyboard with entity?

Another apple get new patent also includes a new iOS devices headset off the hook system, use is unique gas and air mix way to improve headset system of sound. Another patent is about apple retail store new after perfect product packing.