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8 skills protect EMF Radiation of you!

Author:Anti radiation sticker Date:2012-6-3 8:41:42
EMF radiation is everywhere. Computer, TV, washing machines, refrigerators even hair dryer the daliy used electrical equipment be called the "invisible killer" as they all release EMF radiation.  Experts said, actually in daily life, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, we must learn how to protection from radiation.
1. Don't let electrical cluster.
Don't put the household appliances too colsed. People often are used together, especially TV, computer, refrigerator is unfavorable put centrally in the bedroom, lest make your exposure to the super dose of radiation in danger.
2. Don't stay behind in the computer.
The location of the computer is very important. Try don't let the back of screen towards people  computer radiation is the strongest at it's back side.
3. The electromagnetic wave absorption by water.
Because water is the best medium electromagnetic wave absorb, you can put few bottles of water around the computer
4. Reducing standby.
When electric stop using, it is better not let them long time in standby mode, because it can produce a weak electromagnetic, and long time also can produce radiation accumulation.
5. Wash  face and hands in time.
There are massive static on the computer screen surface. And its dust can be gathered together to shoot the face and hand skin exposed place,long time it is easy cause macula, pigmentation, even can cause even skin lesions etc. So in use should be to wash hands and face in time .
6. Compensatory nutrition.
Computer user should eat more carrots and cabbage, bean sprouts, bean curd, red jujube, orange and milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meats and other food, to supplement vitamin A in the body and protein. Also can drink tea,tea polyphenols is the active substances beneficial to absorb radiation.
7. Do not answer your mobile impatient.
At the first moment of the mobile phone connected and when it is charging the biggest  electromagnetic radiation is released, So it's best to answer you mobile phone after two seconds . And do not use your mobile phone when it is charging.
8.Execpt above you also can use the anti radiation device to protect you from the EMF radiation. Such as the antiradiation sticker and the Computer RadiationSuppressor. The anti radiation sticker is a special device for EMF radiation and mobile radiation. Which can absorb more than 96 radiation of the mobile phone TV washing machines, refrigerators hair dryer and so on.
The computer radiation suppressor is a special device only for cleaning up the computer radiation. It is a new radiation field for computer, can clean up more than 99.99 computer radition.